United Methodist Church

Our Faith Walk

Testimonies from our members about their Faith Walk with the LORD.

Rebecca E.:  Someone recently asked Rebecca how her faith is so strong and she replied with the following: Well, as you may remember, I grew up in a very Christian household. Church was a big part of my life. When I was 13 dad became a preacher and we moved to the Eastern Shore. It seemed like all along my journey, God was there with me. ET and I tried for 2 years to have a baby, fertility testing, drugs,... etc., and was ultimately diagnosed infertile. One month later I had emergency surgery for an ovarian tortion. I remember thinking God had abandoned me, when in reality He was healing me, because two months later I got pregnant!!! We wanted to build a home, but the market was so high. At just the right time, interest rates fell to 3.3%!, his dad gave us 2 acres, and we built! I was laid off in 2010, 8 months pregnant with Aidan, but was offered an assistant position to one child at the same school Wes was starting Kindergarten. And finally, in 2012 I was diagnosed with acute myloid leukemia with a FLT 3 mutation. Not only did I need chemo and radiation, but also a bone marrow transplant (my one year birthday is this Thursday!). As a rare side effect of chemo, my spleen burst. I am the only person in Johns Hopkins history this has happened to. After telling my family I needed surgery but would not survive the surgery, God brought me through. I remained on life-support for 5 days, on which day my gall bladder had to be removed as well. Dad told me the first thing I said to him was "Dad, God saved me. The devil tried to take me but God wouldn't let him". Every thing that has happened in my life, God has used to prepare me for something else. My favorite book in the Bible to read is the book of James. Even when I get down and discouraged, and believe me, I still do, I know I am not alone! As my pop Son used to say, "I know, that I know, that I know" My Lord is with me!!! I pray God's rich blessing on your life!! xoxoxo"